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National Aerospace System
FirebirdSE LLC provides System Engineering expertise to Aviation Community to enable both Manned and Unmanned Aircraft to perform their missions in the National Aerospace System. 

Provide support to the integration of UAS into the NAS, International Collaboration, System Design and Specification, System Integration and Test:  
     • Architectures 
     • Requirements 
     • Standards 
          o ICAO 
          o RTCA 
          o AEEC 
     • Technologies  
          o Communications 
              Data Comm 
                 – VDLs 
              Surface Communications 
                 – AeroMACS 
              Air/Ground
              Ground/Ground 
          o IPS 
          o Detect and Avoid - (See and Avoid) 
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
WiMAX Forum

Adams Communication & Engineering Technology 
Virginia Tech -Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership
Mr. Bruce Eckstein, served as an expert in aeronautical communications for the FAA and  detect and avoid systems for Harris. Mr. Eckstein specialized in aeronautical architectures, air/ground and ground/ground communications, unmanned aeronautical systems (UAS) communications and detect & avoid systems. Mr. Eckstein, has lead as well as supported the deveiopment of  avaition programs  and standards in and for the FAA, ICAO, RTCA, & AEEC and has a wide range of experience with the aviation community in support of integration of UAS into the national aerospace system. Mr. Eckstein serves on the Executive Committee for Integrated Communications Navigation and Surveillance (ICNS)
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Bruce Eckstein
Sr. Systems Engineer

Ph : 703 463-7391
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